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I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional serving Pasadena, Texas. I use my expertise to help clients make confident money decisions to put their financial goals within reach; saving them from the stress and uncertainty of going it alone. Every individual and every family has needs and goals that are specific to them and because of that, I provide highly tailored advice and guidance.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

I am a Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional serving Pasadena. Long-term financial planning at at the center of my practice. My mission is to make sure every client can make confident decisions about money. Having a personalized Financial Plan is a key tool in building that confidence.

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<h3><b>Portfolio Management</b></h3>

Portfolio Management

As part of my financial planning services, I also assist people in the Pasadena area with thoughtful portfolio management. My goal is to optimize each client's investments to get an appropriate risk-adjusted return that puts them on track for their financial goals.

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<h3><b>Divorce Financial Planning</b></h3>

Divorce Financial Planning

I am an experienced divorce financial advisor serving Pasadena. Divorce is a complex financial transaction that forces you to make permanent, life-altering choices with limited information. I offer my services free of judgment and with deep compassion. Using an expert, like me, to work through the financial aspects of your divorce could help you leave your marriage on a solid financial footing.

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Serving Pasadena Individuals &#38; Families

Serving Pasadena Individuals & Families

While I am based in Houston, I am bringing my financial planning expertise to Pasadena. I am committed to helping members of my community get their finances on track. A Financial Plan will guide decisions around investments, savings, retirement, budgeting, and debt management. A document that important should fit you like a glove. Together we’ll build a Financial Plan that addresses everything you need to address, and nothing you don’t.

Financial Planning for Young Adults

I am a CFP® Professional serving the Pasadena area, and I am determined to help young adults reach their financial goals. I have specifically devoted a portion of my practice to serving the needs of younger clients who are still building their wealth.

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Pasadena CFP&#174; Professional

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Pasadena CFP® Professional

When it comes to financial planning, you need someone with the right education and experience. I have the training and experience needed to build a Financial Plan that works for you and I offer those services in Pasadena and across the greater Houston area. Personal finance can be complicated but I break down complex topics into simple, bite-sized pieces for those just starting their journey into financial planning.

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With my help, you can secure your financial future. Contact me today to get started on your comprehensive financial plan.

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