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I am a Bellaire area CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional who understands that financial planning is more than crunching numbers. My commitment to you goes far beyond account statements and financial projections. I spend time getting to know you so that I can create personalized and comprehensive financial plans tailored to match your needs and your goals. Financial planning isn't just dollars and cents. When you choose me to make your Financial Plan I take in the whole picture; including your risk tolerance, sophistication as an investor, and individual quirks.

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At Baird, client come first, always.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional in Bellaire, Texas, with years of expert in budgeting and financial planning. I work with my clients to help them identify their goals and create a realistic plan of action to reach them. Financial Planning helps you prioritize how you use your scarce financial resources to enjoy life today while still planning for your future. 

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<h3><b>Portfolio Management</b></h3>

Portfolio Management

I am a Financial Advisor and wealth manager who provides portfolio management services in Bellaire, Texas. Portfolio Management involves building a set of investments with your goals in mind. In building recommendations for you, I’ll consider how long your money will stay invested, how much risk you can withstand, your sensitivity to taxes, and your experience as an investor. Your investments will be based on you, your goals, and your needs.

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<h3><b>Divorce Financial Planning</b></h3>

Divorce Financial Planning

I am a divorce financial advisor serving families in Bellaire, TX. Divorce Financial Planning may be a new concept but it's never been more important. Divorce is a complex financial transaction that forces you to make permanent, life-altering choices with limited information. Using an expert, like me, to work through these decisions could help you leave your marriage on a solid financial footing.

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Serving Bellaire Individuals &#38; Families

Serving Bellaire Individuals & Families

I am a CFP® Professional dedicated to serving individuals and families in Bellaire. Your plan is a document that will guide decisions around investments, savings, retirement, budgeting, and debt management. A document that important should fit you like a glove. Together we’ll build a Financial Plan that addresses everything you need to address, and nothing you don’t.

Financial Planning for Young Adults

I am a CFP® Professional serving Bellaire, Texas and I have specifically devoted a portion of my practice to serving the needs of younger clients who are still building their wealth. If you want to be wealthy, having a plan can help you get there faster.

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Houston CFP Professional

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Houston CFP Professional

When it comes to financial planning, you need someone with the right education and experience. My practice is built to serve individuals and families with full lives and ambitious goals that call the Bellaire area home. I offer flexible meeting arrangements, fully embrace technology as a tool for efficiency, and I'm passionate about planning for regular folks just like you.  My focus on client satisfaction means I am consistently looking for ways to improve your experience. With my guidance, clients can build confidence in their financial decision making.

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With over a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor, and as a CFP® certificant, I have the education, experience, and expertise to help you make a plan and live your dream in Bellaire. From budget basics to investment portfolio design, I have what it takes to get you on the road to success.

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