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Sarah Around Town

If you follow me on social media, you know that Chico and I just competed in our first first horse show together.

And we did great!

We brought home scores that any first-time show goer would be proud of.

This image of us together might give you the impression that we did this by ourselves. But there is a whole host of people you don't see who made our success possible.

There is our trainer, the grooms to who care for Chico day-to-day, his veterinarian, his farrier (the guy who takes care of his feet), our saddle fitter, and the incredibly supportive barn family that answered all my silly showing questions, loaned me equipment and showed up on the day to cheer us on - just to list a few.

Yes, we worked our behinds off and put in the hours and the sweat. But we had loads of help and support along the way.

Achieving success as an investor, building prosperity, and reaching your financial goals are no different. You don't have to do it alone.

It will always be my distinct honor to help you live your dreams as other help me live mine.

Wealth Management 101

Financial Advisor vs. Financial Planner: What's the difference?

September 2023

I often hear clients use the terms Financial Advisor and Financial Planner interchangeably. Some professionals call themselves Wealth Managers. With all these poorly defined terms, it’s no wonder many people new to personal finance are confused about what people like me can offer.

You can’t possibly hire the right person is you don’t know what you are looking for.

This month’s Wealth Management 101 is all about the titles we use, what they each (typically) mean, and what the professionals who hold them do.

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Financial Planning isn't just for "rich people", it's for anyone who has financial goals and needs a roadmap to reach those goals.

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