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What to Expect

How I Work

It all starts with a first meeting. This is our chance to get acquainted so I can begin to understand what matters most to you, and so you can get to know me. During this first meeting, we’ll explore how we want to work together (see “How I Get Paid” section for more).

Once we’ve committed to work together, we’ll collect the quantitative and qualitative information needed to make your plan. With a plan in place, I can formulate a portfolio of investments that are suited to your goals, ability to tolerate risk, need for liquidity, and investment time horizon.

After that, it’s my responsibility to help you execute your plan and keep you informed about the progress of your investments. I do this by meeting with each client on a regular schedule and by making regular and meaningful contact by phone and email.

How I Get Paid

It’s the one question every potential client wants to ask but is often uncomfortable addressing. I’m committed to transparency with respect to fees so every client knows what their services cost.

Financial Planning and Divorce Planning clients can choose a flat fee which we will negotiate, or they can choose to pay an hourly fee. Clients who want both Financial Planning and Investment Portfolio Management can choose to pay a fee as a percentage of assets managed, or they can choose to pay commission or sales charges each time they approve a trade to be placed in their account.

How you pay for your services will be based on your needs and your goals, and we’ll explore your options together to determine the right arrangement for you.

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