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Just Eat the Treat Already

July 26, 2022

Walking down the stairs one afternoon, I saw my little dog Foxy resting on her spot on the couch.

As I got closer, I saw her tiny body stiffen, her ears turn down, and her eyes grow big.

Arriving next to the couch, I asked her: "Foxy, what are you doing?"

She responded with a soft growl and moved her body to cover a small lump in her blanket.

If looks could kill...

She was hoarding a treat.

Foxy gets a treat most days around noon, and she typically gobbles it right away.

But every once in a while, she decides to hide it.

When she hides it, she must guard it.

When she guards it, she turns into a nasty little gremlin.

This whole routine isn't fun for anyone.

But the fix is simple.

I wag my finger at her, admonishing her to just eat her treat and stop being a gremlin. She usually listens and is much happier after having eaten her precious treat.

What am I getting at?

You might be making the same mistake that Foxy is - but you are probably doing it with money.

Don't get me wrong.

I advocate for a "pay yourself first" mentality when it comes to planning, saving, and investing.

But if you have clear savings goals that you're meeting and are still hesitant to spend your excess dollars, are you really enjoying them?

Or are you sitting on them, protecting them…and all the while worrying about them?

Do you find yourself preoccupied with fears over investing losses, FDIC Insurance, taxes, and inflation?

Do these worries stop you from buying the things and experiences that will bring you joy?

Are you like the little dog on the couch growling over a treat you'd be better off eating?

I can't wag my finger at you and tell you to go spend your money. (I've tried, it doesn't work.)

But I can equip you with a Financial Plan that will include specific savings goals for you to meet each year.

And I'll tell you flat out to spend your extra money on whatever makes you happy.

You see, my job is to help you fund your contentment, not to pile up money for the sake of piling up money.

You could be this happy!

If you find yourself preoccupied with savings, worried you're not doing enough, or wondering if you can afford that experience, home improvement, or car you've always wanted - working with a Financial Planner like me might give you the kick in the pants you need to just eat the treat already.

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