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I am an experienced and reputable Conroe area CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional passionate about helping people in the Greater Houston area plan for a happy and secure financial future. We’ll work on things like budgeting, debt management, education funding, buying your dream home, funding a secure retirement, and leaving a legacy. I have helped dozens of clients plan for a comfortable lifestyle that aligns with their individual goals and values.

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"Honesty in our business dealings and integrity in everything we do."

--Robert Wilson Baird

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

I am a well established CFP® Professional and Financial Advisor serving the Conroe, TX and Greater Houston areas. Financial Planning is the foundation of every client relationship. Financial Planning helps you prioritize how you use your scarce financial resources to enjoy life today while still planning for your future. 

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<h3><b>Portfolio Management</b></h3>

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management means building a set of investments with your goals in mind. In building recommendations for you, I’ll consider how long your money will stay invested, your risk tolerance, your sensitivity to taxes, and your experience as an investor. Your investments will be based on you, your financial goals, and your specific needs.

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<h3><b>Divorce Financial Planning</b></h3>

Divorce Financial Planning

Finances in the context of a divorce can be a stressful. Divorce is a complex transaction that forces you to make permanent, life-altering choices with limited information. Using an expert, like me, before, during, or after your divorce can help you feel financially prepared for this major transition.

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Serving Conroe Individuals &#38; Families

Serving Conroe Individuals & Families

I am a CFP® Professional serving individuals and families in Conroe, Texas, and the greater Houston area. I believe everyone should have access to sound financial advice based on a carefully crafted Financial Plan. Your Financial Plan is a document that will guide decisions around investments, savings, retirement, budgeting, and debt management. A document that important should fit you like a glove.

Financial Planning for Young Adults

I strive to provide high-quality advice to young adults in the Conroe area. I remember what it was like to be young and unsure of how to manage my money. In me you'll find a professional who is knowledgeable, yet easygoing, offering a highly personalized planning experience.

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Conroe CFP&#174; Professional

Why Choose Sarah Cuddy as your Conroe CFP® Professional

When it comes to financial planning, you need someone with the right education and experience. My commitment to using the latest communication technology and flexible working arrangements makes me a great choice for financial planning in Conroe.  I can guide you with budgeting, debt management, goal setting, savings planning, asset allocation, and life insurance planning. The best part is, you don’t need to have a high net worth to work with me because I can offer Financial Planning for a simple flat fee. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to make informed decisions based on a sound Financial Plan.

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I am committed to helping my clients create personalized plans that balance today's needs and wants with tomorrow's. With over a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor, and as a CFP® certificant I have the education, experience, and expertise to help you make a plan and live your dream in Conroe.

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